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The best service leading to a clean home in Brisbane and Perth!

Getting a home in Brisbane and Perth is a tricky thing. But what’s trickier is keeping it clean and sparkling even after many years. Your upholstered furniture suffers the most. It is simply not possible to avoid all the dust, dirt, food stains, pollens, and blemishes. Gradually, your furniture will tend to look old and dull. But no need to worry! We, at Carpet and Tile Cleaning, offer top-notch upholstery cleaning services to our clients. Our highly trained staff makes sure that your upholstered furniture always retains their shine.

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane and Perth:

At Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning, we provide you with an efficient upholstery cleaning service. This is exceedingly helpful in extending the life of your furniture. Also, your house will look clean, hygienic, and appealing. We ensure that the furniture dries quickly after the process so that you can start using it once again.

What do we do?

We, at Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Brisbane and Perth, are a team of expert professionals who will thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture and give it back its shine. Often your dust, dirt, stains start accumulating over your expensive, lavish upholstered furniture. Over time, they will start losing their sheen and luster. With Carpet and Tile Cleaning, you need not worry about the usage of harsh chemicals on your soft, foamy upholstered furniture. We always do it the natural way. Carpet and Tile Cleaning is a green-certified, environment-friendly company that offers a healthier solution for your upholstery cleaning Brisbane.

Fix an appointment today and book a quote to allow expert cleaning of your furniture. We have a team of professionals who have years of experience in upholstery cleaning Brisbane. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, they offer gentle yet effective cleaning. We leave no stone unturned to return your house to all its glory.

Our intensive cleaning process and technique:

Our intense upholstery cleaning process is all-natural and chemical-free. We have access to a safe, non-toxic, and gentle cleaning solution that whisk away all the dirt and grime from your upholstered furniture. Our cleaning process revitalizes your furniture and makes it look healthy, fresh, attractive, and durable.

Then, our professional cleaners use the latest extraction equipment to remove the cleaning solution, dust, allergens, and grime from your upholstered furniture. This deep cleaning method bestows your furniture with a new shine and appeal.

At last, we use upholstery protectant over all the furniture. We understand that it is not possible to avoid spills and dust. So, we at Carpet and Tiles Cleaning, apply protectant over your furniture to create a barrier between your upholstered furniture and dust particles. This exceedingly amazing upholstery protectant makes the fiber of the furniture stain resistant. This helps the furniture to maintain their look round the year. Also, the protectant is compatible with a plethora of furniture materials.

What helps us stand ahead of the competition?

  •  Utmost satisfaction: At Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we offer premium upholstery cleaning service to all our clients. We strive towards delivering the best so that they experience complete satisfaction. With our professional upholstery cleaning Brisbane and Perth services, we ensure that every furniture looks clean and hygienic.
  •  Usage of latest technology and equipment: At Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning, our highly trained and experienced cleaners have access to the latest tools, equipment, and technology that help incomplete cleaning of the furniture. With the help of our enhanced technology, we are capable of removing even the most stubborn stain from your upholstered furniture sets.
  •  Affordable service: The best thing about our service is its affordability. We offer our efficient cleaning services at competitive rates. We are popular among our clients because of the best possible prices that we ask for against our premium cleaning services.
  •  Professional upholstery cleaning Brisbane and Perth: At Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we have a fully trained, experienced, qualified, hard-working, and highly dedicated team that offers the best possible service to every client.

Once you opt to clean your furniture by taking our help, you will realize how easy and hassle-free the entire process is. Feel free to give us a call on 0452 565 059 any time you want, and our customer care team will revert soon.