How are professional tile and grout cleaning useful?

With time, tiles and grout gains to fade and become discoloured with the accumulation of dirt & residues. The professional tile and grout cleaning service will help you get it to stain and germ-free. Our professional cleaning service restores the tiles to its new condition.

How often tile and grout should be cleaned?

There is no single answer to this question as the cleaning will depend on the amount of traffic on the tile floor.

Why is it important to seal the grout lines?

Grout is a porous material and it absorbs spills vert easily. The sealant creates a barrier that protects the grout from dirt and spilled liquids.

How easy it is to get rid of mold and mildew?

Our cleaning method is suited to get rid of mold and mildew in a quick time. We work on all kinds of tile floors, including bathrooms and kitchens in private homes.

How long the grout takes to dry?

It takes around 30 minutes for the grout to dry properly and around 24 hours to cure totally.

Does the carpet cleaning help in spot removal?

The carpet cleaning service helps in total spot removal unless the spots are in very bad condition. If the spot remains untreated for a long time then removing the spot entirely becomes very hard.

How expensive is your carpet cleaning service?

The carpet cleaning service is much less than replacing it with a new one. It is always a good idea to call home the carpet cleaning experts for thorough cleaning and enhance its life.

How much time does it take to clean the carpets?

The time of cleaning depends on the condition of the carpet. Normally, it takes around 2-3 hours for the total cleaning of a normal-sized carpet to its chores.

When is it possible to walk on the carpet are cleaning?

The carpet takes around 6-8 hours for drying entirely and thus the owners can walk on the carpets after it.

Does anything need to be done prior to carpet cleaning?

No, there is nothing huge to be done before the cleaning. Just make sure that the carpet is kept away from all your belongings so that no time is wasted on the shifting of items.

Do you have any cancellation fees for the cleaning?

Yes, we charge a minimal amount if you’re canceling the service within 24 hours prior to service day.

Do you guarantee the total cleaning of the residential or commercial property?

Yes, we guarantee total cleaning of your home and domestic space of dirt, allergens, and all kinds of harmful micro-organisms.

Do I need to provide a cleaning product or equipment?

Our cleaners bring their equipment along with themselves for cleaning the property.

How can I trust the cleaners coming to my place?

The background of all our cleaners are thoroughly checked before the employment and thus, the clients can entirely rely on their authenticity.

How can I pay for the cleaning service?

We are open to all modes of payment and thus, you can pay us via all possible means. You need to pay us before the arrival of our cleaners at your place at the time of booking an appointment.

How is the cleaning service safe?

We only have trained and experienced cleaners in our ranks and thus they take full care of your belongings while cleaning the property.

Do I need to stay at my place at the time of cleaning?

No, there is no specific need for you to be present at the time of cleaning. The choice is totally on the clients to be or not to be present at the time of cleaning.

Are you insured?

All our cleaners and the cleaning service is totally insured.

Do you cover my area in the cleaning service?

Our cleaning service is limited to Brisbane and the suburban areas. Talk with our customer support experts to have more clarity on it.

Is there a minimum number of hours per visit?

There is no specific time frame for the service. We will dedicate the maximum time for cleaning as per the need.