Strip and Seal

Your Local, Professional And Affordable Experts For Tile Strip And Seal 

If your pretty tough floors are becoming dirty and grimy as a result of loose tiles and old sealants, or even other factors, it could be time to seal and strip the tiles. We are your local, professional and affordable experts for tile stripping and sealing. Based on the tile floor, it can be dry or wet stripped to the tile’s original surface, with manual detailing of corners and edges where our devices cannot reach, before applying a suitable surface sealer. Vinyl, concrete, timber, terrazzo, as well as terracotta, are examples of hard floors that could be sealed and stripped. However, according to the type of floor, dry or wet stripping may be necessary. Our strip and seal team can help you out if your tiles need this action.

Our commercial-grade sealers and strippers will increase the durability of your floors as well as extend their life, reducing infiltration and discolouration. Our surface sealers give your surface an excellent gloss “layered look,” a matt finish, or a non-slip finish, depending on the sealant and application process you choose. The final appearance of your floor is entirely up to you. For years and years, we have been stripping and sealing floors for many clients. As a result, our customers and professionals both were ecstatic with the end result. We also get happy when we complete our work without any hustle and bustle.